When it comes to plumbing, the technology used in sewage systems and inside homes is highly advanced at the moment. Along the years there were so many interesting facts that were connected with plumbing and that most people know nothing about. If you want to learn about some of them, here are those that are considered to be the most impressive by Fix It Right Plumbing in Australia.

The Oldest Sewage System – 4000 BC

The oldest sewer system is so much older than what many think, located in India, in the Indus River Valley. It is dated around 4000 BC. We have also found clear indoor plumbing evidence in the Cheops Pyramid, with an approximate date of 2500 BC. Many archeologists found proof that ancient Egyptians were using copper piping in a way that was really similar to how we do modern plumbing today. The most elaborate of the ancient systems was in Rome, being built around the sixth century.

The Very First Underground Sewage System

For some this is not surprising but the very first underground system appeared in New York City. Residents were complaining about open sewer smell so the underground system was built in 1728. This modified civil engineering for the entire world and lay down the foundation to what we now refer to as modern plumbing.

Where Did The Word “Plumbing” Come From?

We can trace the term first being used by Romans. This is a word coming from “plumbum”, which in Latin means “lead”. The romans that first worked with lead metal were known as “Plumbarius”. Eventually, the word was shortened to the one we know now.

Who Invented The Toilet?

This is a question that most people get wrong. The truth is that in 1596 Sir John Harington invented the very first flush toilet. His invention used flush valves that released water from tanks. Unfortunately, his invention was not successful at the time and people still used the common chamber pot.

The person that made flushing toilets popular was Thomas Crapper. He replaced the valve system and added a siphon based system. Toilets became user-friendly and thanks to a highly successful advertising campaign, the masses adopted the invention.

The Most Expensive Toilet

This plumbing fact may be amusing for some but the world’s most expensive toilet is not covered in gold or comes from Japan. The toilet that is the most expensive can be found in space, on the International Space Station. It cost $19 million. Waste is sucked into a tank as the astronaut is strapped in place. Then, waste is transformed into drinking water.

Things That Plumbers Often Clean From Drains

You might be surprised but oil is not the only thing you should never throw in your toilets. In fact, plumbers are often called because of much weirder reasons. Some of the items that should never be thrown into the toilet include bones, pasta, rice and stringy vegetables, like celery. Chances are that you threw some of these down the drain. If this is the case, do not be surprised if you need to call the professionals.

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