Are you having trouble with managing your website? Or are you lacking readers/ viewers? The key to making your website interesting is not limited to interesting content but also its design and layout. In order to make it more popular and gain more readership you need to make sure that it is not boring. Here are some of the best ways to make it attractive to readers.


One way to keep the design interesting is to include eye catching colours. If you need to upgradeyourlayout andcolours it is always better to turn to an expert from anyAustralian company who des website design. If it is a business site, then use colours that match your brand. Remember that colours affect the emotions of the viewers. Yellow generally gives an optimistic vibe; red is for energy; purple for creativity and imagination, blue for strength, green is generally associated with wealth and neutralcoloursgives off a calming vibe. Make sure the colours you choose matches the kind of content you present on the page.

Choose the Right Font

Go for a font that is both unique and easy to the eye. Just like the colours, the font needs to match the type of content or the theme of your website. Keep the topics or the headlines clear but do not make them too large. Also try to steer clear of very intricate and confusing fonts. Do not choose similar colours for the overall theme of the website and the font. Make them contrast so that the viewers can see clearly hat is being said. Making sure that your font colours and font sizes are easy to read is another way of making your viewers/ customers familiar and comfortable with the site.

Videos and Images

Including videos and images/ photographs is always a good way to make your website appealing both audio and visual wise. Content alone can often make your site look boring and it can also give off the vibe that you are too lazy to include videos or images. Use an eye catching image in your front page. If it is a business site, make sure to leave space for your brand logo. Add photos that testify the quality of your products or services. But make sure you keep a limit for videos and images as too many of them can be distracting and can take away the viewers’ attention from the actual content.

Do Not Add Too Much Content

While it is completely alight to keep the content descriptive and informative it also important that you make it precise. Show only the text that has to be there and nothing more. Too many words and paragraphs can lose the interest of the readers and they soon will turn their attention on something else. It is also ok to keep a little whitespace on your pages. Whitespace is the empty space on your website. There is no need to fill every nook and corner on a page. Try to keep it short and sweet.

Making your website attractive will make it user friendly and easier for users to navigate. For better upgrades it is also recommended that you consult experts in designing to get more ideas.

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