A majority of businesses today are set up online. The Internet has proven to be quite a successful platform for budding entrepreneurs, although competition is just as stiff here as it is in the physical world. On that note, one of the most important things you need to consider where your site is concerned is its security. It does not matter how good the rest of your site is; if your security is weak, nobody is going to feel safe shopping with you. You cannot blame them either. Online scams and fraud are thriving, and we need to be as vigilant as we can in protecting ourselves. So here are a few ways in which you can amp up the security for a more successful online venture.

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First Impressions Count

Despite this not having anything to do with the actual payment gateway, it does have a lot to do with how visitors to your site first perceive it. For instance, are you more likely to walk into a decrepit, dilapidated restaurant for a bite to eat, or someplace that is better maintained, clean and well-functioning? Obviously the latter. Hence, do not skimp on the design. Get good designers on board to help with this. You do not want to go in for anything particularly extravagant. Just strong and clear is good enough.

Clear Shipping Information

If your website is going to be handling both domestic and international shipping, then you want to lay out the terms and conditions quite clearly. From costs to estimated delivery time as well as returns and exchange policies, make sure your customers are completely in the know. If you want to offer special shipping services for any reasons, you can look at places that offer them such as customs brokers Perth for example. You may have faster shipping times perhaps, and less hassle which is important when you are running an online business and need prompt customer service to be a key feature.

Use Encryption

The simplest way to put this is that you should get your payment gateway encrypted, which means you should basically scramble the information that is being passed from one end to the other. You do not want any hackers or such lurkers intercepting your information somewhere in the middle. Since credit card information is always being passed around online, such criminals are looking for ways to capitalise on this. Your customers are well aware of the problem and are growing increasingly more knowledgeable, which means that you need to up your security factor considerably. Especially if you want to rise up against your competitors.

Make Contact Easy

Nobody likes being ignored after they have placed an order. In fact, there is no faster way to turn your customers away from ever shopping at your site again, and turning their friends and family away from it too. You need to be proactive, on the ball and prompt with your customers’ queries. Offer them different contact options, perhaps over the phone, mail and in person (if you have an office). If it is after your business hours, generate an auto-mail that will let them know when you will get back with a response. Do not leave them waiting. Remember, the customer is a king!

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