Today, Google ads is something that is incredibly popular. There may be many features within Google ads that many users do not know about and they carry some seriously great benefits as well. For example some of these features can be used for purposes like generating leads, driving traffic, promoting your content and even for purposes like branding. If you are planning on using Google ads so that your campaign can do better here are some great features that will definitely prove useful to you.

Capture More Leads Than You Do Now With Ad Extensions

When you use Google ads, you will be able to append your information like your business address and contact number, additional page links and even your product information. Therefore if you want to make the best possible use of Google ads, use ad extensions as well because it has been studied that it can get some very high-quality rankings on Google. If you are unclear on how all this can be executed your best bet would be to hire the services of an adwords management Melbourne service or any such service provider. You can drive your CTA with certain types of Google ads where they will allow you to ask your customers to call or email you as well. you can also ask users to sign up for your newsletter through these and of course in you handle inbound marketing, you have a lot to gain from the lead generating capacity that Google ads will give you.

Save More Money with the Search Terms Report System

You may have been keeping tab of the performance that your keywords are showing on a regular basis but have you also been keeping an eye out for the search terms that play a pivotal role in making sure that traffic is driven to your website? This can be done with the help of a Search Terms Report that will give you a comprehensive insight about the search terms that are triggered and how they have been performing instead of just the keywords. Using this data and the analysis of this report you can decide which terms need to be added into your keywords for a targeted range like a particular ad or one group. You can also find out the ones that are not doing well or are simply too general therefore causing a high bounce rate. You will avoid wasting money on pointless impressions and the likes this way.

When Do You Serve Your Ads?

You do not need to be serving ads all 24 hours a day if you do not have customers from around the globe. With Google ads and its features, you are able to decide which times of the day your ads need to be served and also specify when they should not be served as well. These are some of the features that you should make use of and know about when it comes to using Google Ads.

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