Is your website attracting traffic but not retaining it? Most site owners invest heavily in SEO and PPC ads hoping to drive traffic. But the traffic is only useful if some of it ends up as paying customers. Attracting potential customers to your site slightly differs from driving traffic. For example, a clickbait headline can drive traffic, but not potential customers. Here are several tips for making sure that visitors with the most potential to become customers end up on your site:

Define the Target Audience

First of all, your advertising strategy must have a target audience in mind. If you are advertising to the general web users, then the traffic would be generic as well. The problem is, if your site is not optimised to receive a generic audience, most people would just bounce. The best way to attract paying customers is to advertise directly to groups that are most likely to become paying customers. Identify this target audience. You can hire a digital marketing agency to run analytics and use data to identify the best audience for your brand, website, and products. Without a target audience, all advertising and SEO efforts would be in vain.

Focus on the Conversion Rate as well as SEO

While SEO drives in traffic, it’s the conversion rate that indicates how many people are becoming customers. Therefore, you should invest in conversion rate optimisation as much as SEO. Ideally, CRO is combined with SEO for the best effects. CRO is not that difficult, even though it’s different from SEO. Improving the CRO involves addressing a target audience, delivering speedy services, highlighting customer convenience, and in general making the purchasing process pain-free and effortless to visitors.

Keep the Design Minimalist

Don’t bombard potential visitors with too much information on your website. It’s a sure-fire way to increase the bounce rate. Rather, keep the website minimalist. This offers many advantages. First, a minimalist theme reduces the number of components and increases the site loading speed, which modern web users carefully scrutinise. Secondly, a minimalist theme is perfect for delivering the unique value proposition of your website without confusing the potential customer. The UVP is what indicates to the potential customer why they should buy from your site or buy the particular product the website is for. It should be obvious from the get go to retain customers.

Include the Most Important Information “Above the Fold”

If you have CTA buttons, attention-grabbing subheadings, or lovely images, don’t stuff them down below on the website. All the interesting components should be immediately visible to a potential customer upon the first visit without having to scroll. That’s what “above the fold” means, the invisible scroll line on sites.

Aim for a Visually Attractive Website

Last but not least, keep the website visually attractive. It would motivate potential customers to hang around more to check out the site, increasingly the likelihood that the visitors would end up becoming customers.

Take the above tips to heart and follow through with them to increase actual sales generated by your website.

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