People are born with creativity. It is not something which can be forced into someone’s life. If you are creative, you are. There is no way to force someone to be creative. However, there are many ways in which a person’s creativity can be enhanced or nurtured. Usually, this is done by identifying what kind of creativity the person has and helping that person to improve his or her creativity along that path.

These days internet has become one of the best places for anyone with creativity to not just enhance their skills but showcase it to other people. If you know how to use internet as well as all the tools handed to you by technology well, there is no way to stop you from showing the world how creative you are.



If you have a creative streak for painting there are so many ways to show your skills to the world. You can draw your paintings, take quality pictures of them and upload them to your social media account or websites which exist especially for this very purpose. If you are more into digital painting you can use the relevant software and draw your paintings using your computer and then follow the same process of publishing them online for the world to see.

Creative Writing

There are so many websites dedicated to publishing stories from all kinds of authors. You can choose to publish your work in one of them. You could also, of course, run your own blog where you can publish your writing. There is also the chance of writing your book and publishing it as an eBook using the help of internet based book sellers.


Photography requires you to first take the necessary pictures using your skills. Then, of course, there is a number of software which can make your original photos more beautiful by enhancing the aspects of them you want to see enhanced. Again, you can use the internet as the place where you can showcase your photos.



The music you compose using your taste, talent and passion for good music can be uploaded into the internet quite easily. You can even come up with your own video and upload it to a place like YouTube. There are people who have become famous musicians due to such online platforms.

Internet is a great place to showcase your creative talent. It can also help you to find tools to enhance what creativity you have. Therefore, use what internet has to offer you and make good use of your creativity.


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