Unlike your work stuff that are given the proper care and attention by the company, you alone are responsible for taking care of your personal belongings, of which the laptop gain an important place. We use these devices for all sorts of day-to-day activities such as online shopping, playing games, accessing social media and the web and so much more. So, what must you do to make sure your humble computer keeps on performing the way it does for a long time? Here are a few pointers that you can follow to tackle this problem successfully.

Fluids Are the Enemy

When working on a project late at night or watching a movie in a sunny afternoon, you will definitely be tempted to keep a refreshing beverage right next to the laptop and make yourself comfortable. But don’t! A shockingly high number of individuals are forced to take their devices to the computer repair shops every day because of damages caused by spilling liquid substances. Spilled liquids can easily find their way into the delicate microelectronic components of your laptop and cause serious shortages and slowly kill the machine from the inside. To avoid all this hassle, don’t keep any fluid containers near the device and always be mindful about the wetness of the surface over which you keep it.

Antivirus Software

Just like the human body, a laptop is also susceptible to harmful external pathogens that can cause diseases. However, computer viruses are a lot deadlier because they are constantly updated and modified to invade devices and cause major software problems which will be hard to fix. The best defence against these viruses are antivirus software that will act as a protective virtual barrier that keeps the viruses out. Using a computer without antivirus software and accessing the internet regularly can be quite risky and you might download potentially dangerous malware without even knowing it and they will take time to settle in before actually making the internal damages caused apparent to you.

Protect the Display

The screen of your laptop is quite delicate and must be handles with care at all times. Keep a microfiber cloth in the laptop bag so that you can easily clean it after each time use it. This way the heavy accumulation of dust and grime can be prevented. You should also be careful when shutting the computer after use. If anything, such as a pen, a pencil or earphones are lying on the keyboard when you are closing it, the item might get trapped between the two surfaces and damage the delicate screen surface. While some items will scratch the surface (if they are rough in nature) others will leave irreversible black spots due to display damage.

The best way to prevent such unfortunate accidents is by shutting the laptop slowly and gently instead forcing it down with too much strength. This way you will be able to feel if something is obstructing the way and carefully remove it before any serious damage is caused.

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