Owning a business right now automatically means that you need to eventually deal with online reviews. It does not really matter how well the business is handled. You will get negative reviews. Some will come from online bullies, others from people that are actually not happy with the services and some from people that never ever interacted with your business. No matter the case, it is very important that you know what to do. Handling negative online reviews in a proper way can actually become a huge advantage and a boost for your business in the eyes of the customer. Here is what you should know.

Make Sure You Know Negative Reviews Appear

Let’s say you own a restaurant in Perth. In most cases restaurant owners do not have something set up to learn about online reviews as they appear. How do you know if you need restaurant pest control Perth help if you do not know you have pests in the first place? This is exactly the case with online reviews. How can you deal with them if you do not know you have them?

What you need to do is identify where the business is reviewed and set up official owner profiles. This is what you can use to both monitor and respond.

Decide How You Should Respond

There are situations in which you do not need to respond publicly and take a more offline approach. However, in most situations you want to respond online. After you decide that it is a good thing to respond online, it is time to figure out how to actually do that.

Remember that when you respond to negative reviews online you do not fight to win arguments. Your aim is to rectify bad situations and actually change the perception of the reviewer, thus building online reputation. When you see that the reviewer does want to be helped, it is a good idea to directly get in touch. After the problem is solved, be sure to ask the individual to update the review.

Respond As Soon As Possible

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is completely neglect the online reviews. In reality, the negative online review is the one you should quickly handle. It does not matter if the customer is disappointed or you have to deal with online bullies. When you confront issues early you manage to avoid a lot of the damage that could become reality. As you respond, remember the following tips:

  • Never get personal or lash out. Try to keep things as professional as possible.
  • Address just legitimate concerns.
  • Always be straight to the point and never leave misinterpretation room.
  • Thank the reviewer for writing the bad review and bringing the experience to the attention of the business.
  • Try to show at least some empathy.
  • If appropriate, apologize for what happened but never take responsibility if the problem was not the fault of the business.
  • Walk away when it is apparent that the reviewer just wants to make the business look bad. People will realize this is the case.

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