There used to be a time when aspiring entrepreneurs ended up depressed hearing the monthly rentals or the lease costs at the smallest compartment in a mall. Today, you could be running the best business from your home itself, as long as you have the made right choices.

It doesn’t even have to be a business. Content creators of all kinds are blooming across all sorts of social media platforms and they’re luring their audience to their websites because that’s where the real money at.

Amongst those right decisions to be made, hosting your website on your own is a tiresome and complicated process even if you knew what to do. But there are other severe risks that should you further away.

Here are some of those commonly disregarded risks.

Poor overall webpage performance

Anything technological needs resources of all kinds starting off from electricity. For a successful website to run, the resources needed are quite different from what’s required for your regular needs. These requirements are based on heavy hardware since their sole purpose is to keep a website online all the time. Thus, unless you possessed these and had enough constantly running resources for the website, keeping it alive is not practical.

Leakage of client information

If your website’s purpose is selling, paying by a credit or a debit card is common. This means that your clients will be entering their card information. Since you do not happen to have the SSL certificate for yourself, the business website will be an HTTP one, not an HTTPS. Hackers find websites like these to be quite convenient to hack. In such a situation, the sensitive information of your employees will be leaked allowing them to be misused. Considering similar occurrences in recent times, you might be facing lawsuits.

If your business is mixing up personal emails with corporate ones, it only increases the vulnerability by few more times.

Reduced sales

Your customers are paying you for what they require, that’s why you must live up to their expectations. Even if you had a physical shop, people may not be willing to visit due to the pandemic complications. If the website that the sales rely on doesn’t cater to the needs, then your sales will drop as you watch.

One of the biggest reasons why people stick to self-hosting is the expensiveness of dedicated hosting. But since there are companies who provide vps servers australia to be managed by them or you, it shouldn’t be considered as an expense at the cost of the failure of your website. 

Lowered brand value

If the website has issues running, if your emails are not professional enough, and if the webpage starts with an HTTP, it all leads hits one common location: the brand value. Regardless of the scale of your business, the brand value must be a top priority in such a competitive world. Thus, you should ask yourself whether it is worth it to let self-hosting mistakes take the brand value away when there are adorable professional solutions.


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