Like anything else, a website is also subdivided into different parts. Each part has a role to play in order for the website to be functional and utilized. Each part works together so that there will be a better outcome and the site will have a higher success rate. If you are thinking about creating your own website, it is important that you know the basic parts that a website should contain, not only because you have to, but because this will help you establish your website at that. Here are some of the basic parts that your website must contain.

1. Header

The header is located at the top of the website and it contains the company logo and company name. In another term, it contains the title and subtitle of the page. The header informs customers about the website have they opened in as much as it gives them details about the website. It is usually in big bold letters where the logo is usually located at the left corner. A beautifully designed header is very important as it is some sort of welcome note from you.

2. Navigation Menu

This is typically needed when your website has multiple pages as this will allow visitors to visit different web pages through links or hyperlinks. They contain the links of the different content in your website where visitors will only click and they will be redirected to another webpage where the content is located. They are typically placed below the header although some are placed on the sides and it makes browsing within you page more convenient.

3. Sidebar

Some people consider this as a nuisance on the site, but looking into it, it offers a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits of putting a sidebar are that it allows you to advertise and promote other content on your website and it also can serve as a navigation page.

4. Content

Of course, a website wouldn’t be complete without content. Your website should contain appealing and engaging content to drive more traffic and they should be accompanied by graphics and videos. There should be a wide variety of related content so that it will not look stale and boring. Furthermore, your website should have content that is reliable and precise to gain trust from visitors. Consistency in font and font design should also be observed in your content. To make sure that you are having the best of everything, you should consult experts like website design Melbourne.

5. Footer

Typically, a footer is located at the bottom part of the page and it contains relevant information site as contact information, about us page, terms and conditions, privacy policy and more. Some even have graphics to attract the attention of the visitor.

These basic website parts play a pivotal and crucial role in the success of your website. They help your website to be more established and it guides you all the way – from creating down to maximizing your site.

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